Vintage crochet and knitting patterns often have information different than modern patterns. Abbreviations were common since most vintage patterns were written out, most did not use charts or diagrams as modern patterns do. The crochet hook and knitting needle sizes might also be sized differently. The yarn called for may not be available since the patterns are decades old so the chart should help to find a suitable substitute.

crochet hook and knitting needle sizes

Hook & Needle Sizes

Vintage crochet and knitting patterns often have hooks and knitting needles sized differently than modern patterns. I have charts of their metric and imperial equivalents.

Pattern Abbreviations

Crochet patterns and knitting patterns use common abbreviations so a reference is handy. I will include the ones I have come across and add more as I find them. Both US and UK terms are included.

vintage yarns

Vintage Yarn Information

Digital vintage crochet and knitting patterns call for vintage yarns that are most often discontinued so information about the yarn used helps to find a current yarn to substitute. I always recommend doing a gauge test before starting to be more certain.